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Excellence Freddi Numberi
Government Official
North Bali Project

The engineering is a step ahead from any project already seen in Indonesia and had great pleasure to discover about ZEA (Zero Energy Airport), I’m proud to say that AKC is one of the most innovative consultancy company among the best in the world.

Governor Mangku Pastika
Government of Bali
North Bali Project

This project is full of innovation in engineering, financial strategies, economy mechanisms and many more, my wish to not hurt the beauty of Bali (land), destroy the paddy fields and affect the very old temples, has been taken in consideration by AKC.

President Jokowi
President of Indonesia
North Bali Project

President Jokowi already approved the project and stated at the press that this project will be a priority for the government in order to balance the economy between the south and the north as requested by the governor of Bali

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